Globalization and the coffee in colombia

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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2012
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Globalzation and the Coffe industry in Colombia

How is the coffee industry has been affected positively and negatively by globalization?

To begin it is worth clarify that coffee is thelargest agricultural product exported from the nation, this is one of the main pillars of the economy. More than 500,000 Colombian families (5'000 .000 people) live of de cultivation of coffee.
On theother hand, in Colombia there are about 150 industries that process the green coffee to attend to the nacional market and of exportation of the coffee.
The Globalization is a concept that is not newfor the world, this make reference to the increased in communication and interdependence of different countries of the world; the globalization process can have many changes in the economy and societythat receives the impact .
The benefits that globalization brings to the coffee industry in Colombia, are the new technology, which, being of high quality reduces costs and creates an increase inproduction, on the other hand te exportation in Colombia increase, it opendoors for the exchange of this product with different countries and finally there is asignificant growth in the industry.The disadvantages that bring the globalization in this industry are many, one important is competition, this one is created with the different international products trying to be equal or to overcomethem, the globalization of the economy and the internationalization of markets is necessary and inevitable in any part of the world, but, for lack of consistency and team work, the state is leavingbehind the possibility of taking the globalization as an advantage and is becoming a disadvantage and this is seen clearly in the lag of technology that the country has and this is provoking acrisis.
In conclusion, in the globalizate world the innovation and the creativity are fundamental elements of the marketing and it is here a point of item to turn the disadvantages in advantages.
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