Globalization essay

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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Globalization can be seen as something either good or bad depending on the side you look it at. But as we can see today, globalization has been in most wayssomething positive instead of something harmful. Most of the people today are taking advantage of the things that globalization has to offer today, things that wouldn’t be possible without globalization.Globalization has made communication, trading, and exchanging possible around the globe. Many nations are being benefited with this kind of changes. These changes are pushing developed nation into abigger advance and undeveloped nation into development. Globalization is something good for the world, even though many see it as harmful changes; there are more things in favor than against.Globalization allows that consumers have a bigger variety of products in order to satisfy their needs. Foreign goods are now available in most of the markets which allows consumers to have a wide variety inproducts. Since international trade is easier thanks to globalization both of the nations involved in the trading are getting economic benefits. Power countries are investing in other countries buildingfactories in order to produce their goods un other countries, in that way each side wins because they would have cheap labor and the other country will benefit of the creation of jobs for their people.The citizens of the developed country would not have fewer jobs because of the investment and creation of factories in other countries, since these power countries are constantly developing theyconstantly need new professionals in many areas.
Globalization also promotes the changes in the attitudes of people since it makes people more tolerant and respectful towards other new thoughts andcultures. Globalization allows reforms in the societies in many ways since it encourages progressive thinking. It also spreads education because it enables possibilities of learning more in other...
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