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Business description:
Our product is based in quality and image, both of these aspects define the vision and the mission we have. Our product line are bags, wallets, shirts, all atthe same store and with the same logo; we will put our name on the market represented by high quality and trendy articles, includes decoration produced by own decorations and merchandise.
We are acompany dedicated to the commercial production for mothers, with the highest standards of quality; as a result we offer an excellent and competitive product to satisfy our client's needs.
We will focuson trying to produce the best items as the best sales, we provide customer service in our office, phone lines, website and personal visits.
Provide comfort for mothers, with a durableproduct for mother of XXI century.
“Because mom deserves the best”.

“Just 4 mom” are people committed to providing quality services to satisfy our clients in decorating merchandise, usingthe most innovative and attractive materials. We have a competent human group focused on achieving our business objectives and to meet customer needs.

“Just 4 mom” is projected to be acompany recognized as much in Cuernavaca as in the state of Morelos for its formal service. Our vision is going forward to be recognized by National and International standards as a leader in productsfor mothers ensure quality products and meeting the expectations of customers.
• Responsibility
• Commitment
• Timeliness
• Quality
• Honesty

Business type:
Limited LiabilityCompany.
Business address:
Rio Mayo # 1210, col. Vista Hermosa, Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Market Analysis
We had been identified our competition by product line as well as by market segment; assess ourstrengths and weaknesses, determined how important is the target market to the competitors, and identify any barriers. We have development the ability to meet mother’s needs, so the product has over...
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