Gold turning point imminent

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Uncommon Wisdom Daily » Turning points imminent

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Turning points imminent
Posted By Larry Edelson On January23, 2012 at 8:30 am

As tough as it is to stay objective in today s emotional markets, keeping your wits about you is crucial. Right now, for instance, because of the recent rallies in gold, silverand stocks, many analysts and investors are turning outright bullish, jumping into the markets with both hands. I don t agree. The charts tell you everything. Best wishes, Larry P.S. If you ve readthe brand-new issue of my Real Weal h Repor , then you ve just learned my most important forecast for 2012 – one you might find downright shocking. But the good news is, if you re a member of myservice, you should already be positioned to profit from it. If you re not yet a member, there s still time to get in on this global shift that s set to drive the markets – and the many investingopportunities it will generate – this year and for a long time to come. Don t wait – get your copy of Real Weal h Repor , plus ongoing access to my analysis and recommendations — when 1/4


Uncommon Wisdom Daily » Turning points imminent

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Video Transcript
Hi there, this is Larry Edelson with myUncommon Wi dom video market update for Monday, January 23. Needless to say, we re continuing to see some confusing market action, and indeed, most markets are bucking my forecasts. But I ll repeat myrecent warnings: The up moves you re seeing in gold, silver, and other commodities are corrective in nature and personality — the major short- and intermediate-term trends remain down. And I remainvery confident that the next big moves will surprise nearly everyone, taking a lot of investors out to the woodshed. So let s go right to the charts. First up, gold. Yes, gold has rallied, though...
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