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Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office

What is GASMO?
This add-on functionality offers a 2-way sync between your G-mail web account and Microsoft Outlook. It is not the Outlook that you’ve historically known so please review below to see if this tool is right for you:

GASMO is intended to address these specific issues:
✓ File > Send To > Mail Recipient (as attachment) from MicrosoftOffice applications or Windows Explorer
✓ Dragging and Dropping e-mail messages
✓ Copy and Paste abilities
✓ Threaded message concerns – no more “conversations”
✓ Opening attachments within a message, making changes, saving files to the message and sending

**Gasmo is not recommended as a replacement for G-mail; it is simply a complimentary tool to use as needed. Pleasetoggle between the 2 tools (Outlook/Gasmo & Internet Browser/G-mail) to whichever tool/screen you find that best accomplishes the task at hand.

|Outlook/Gasmo will support: |  |

• Send mail, reply and forward just as you always have.
• Calendaring & resourcescheduling however you cannot propose a new meeting time
• Organize and manage your messages using nested folders, message flags and reminders, categories, spelling & grammar check, and many of Outlook's other mail management features.
• Find and auto-complete email addresses in your Contacts - Just click the To: button and select the address from the Contacts list. You must enter theaddress once in order for auto-population of the address to occur, just like Outlook
• Delegate your mail Inbox to an assistant who can then: send, reply to, and delete messages on your behalf (requires version 1.7 or later of GASMO). You must grant Delegate access from G-mail. But once delegated to, you can access all accounts using Outlook/GASMO
• Group Mailboxes – works the same asG-mail today
| Outlook/Gasmo will NOT support: |  |

• Recovering deleted items – not supported in G-mail therefore not supported using Outlook/Gasmo
• Sharing mailbox folders- You can't share a mailbox folder in Outlook/Gasmo with other users (Permissions settingsaren't available in the folder's Properties dialog). This is because folders in Outlook/Gasmo map to labels in G-mail, which don't have permission properties
• Public folders - Public folders aren't available in Outlook/GASMO
• Sending executable attachments - sending these (including executables in compressed attachments) is not supported in G-mail therefore not supported using Outlook/GASMO• Recalling a sent message - In Outlook, you can choose Recall Message from a sent message's Other Actions menu, to try to recall a message you just sent. This feature is not supported in G-mail therefore not supported using Outlook/GASMO
• Setting importance levels for recipients - In Outlook, you can send mail marked as “Important” or Low Priority.” But these values aren’tsynchronized with your G-mail account in the cloud so therefore won’t show up for other users
• Use of Read Receipts for sent messages – not supported in G-mail therefore not supported using Outlook/GASMO

|Important Outlook/GASMO Usage Guidelines: |  |

• Use of multiple labelson an item – Keep in mind there is only one piece of mail regardless of the number of labels assigned to it.

CAUTION! If you delete a message from any location/folder in Outlook/GASMO, the message will automatically delete from all labels in G-mail

• Move vs. Copy:
o To Move a message: left click, drag to new location/folder
o To Copy a message: right click,...
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