Grammar exercises

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Grammar Exercises - Adverbs of frequency.
Do the exercises below on adverbs of frequency

Put the following adverbs of frequency in the correct order from the most often to the least often (1-6):| |Often |
| |Usually |
| |Always |
| |Never |
||Seldom/Rarely |
| |Sometimes |

Correctly ordered sentence

◆ am school. I at never late

◆ can always his He father. Help

◆share house chores. We the sometimes

◆ the out go evening? you Do often in

◆ How you often do shopping? Go

◆ weekend. the at go You always hiking

◆ my do usually school. homework after I◆ He friends always is hanging his around. with

◆ never personal ask questions. We

◆ Angry? Is so often he


complete the schedule of Harold

The alarm clock beeped at 6:30 AM.Harold got up quickly because he 1. gets up at 6:30 AM. After getting ready, Harold ate breakfast. Harold only eats breakfast once or twice a month. Harold 2. eats breakfast.Next, he went downstairs and got into his car. The car wouldn't start so he had to take the bus. Harold hadn't taken the bus in five years. He 3. takes the bus. At the school, everyone waswondering where he was. Harold makes sure the Multimedia Classroom is open at 8 AM. Harold is 4. late. He is 5. on time. Harold arrived at the school at 8:15 AM but hedidn't check his mail. Harold checks his mail most days. He 6. checks his mail. The first class was scheduled to arrive at 8:30. Harold 7. makes sure that the room is readyon time. Fortunately, Harold was able to get things ready. He hopes that this 8. happens again!

- always / never 2.- seldom / usually 3.- sometimes / never 4.- often/...
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