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Bigger Attractions
In the glamorous party nightlife of Sin City, where everyone crusades through the boulevard in spectacular limousine rides, the odds of hitting the jackpot are high, and drinking all night long without getting a hangover are just a few stereotypes movies like "21" and "What Happens in Vegas" demonstrate how the dream of fast money and enthralling parties can be obtainedquickly for just about anyone. Las Vegas has more to offer than the typical gambling and winning millions of dollars, drinking without ever getting wasted and naked women coming from nowhere. Las Vegas has grown to be a more cultivated city with exciting attractions like visiting art galleries, rock climbing, hiking, and fun activities for the family.
Tourists do not know enough about the wonderfuland cultural activities the city offers to the community. There is more than just the party nightlife of the strip. First Friday, an art event in downtown Las Vegas, has become a social gathering among a variety of local and national audiences. The event only comes once on the first Friday of every month to appreciate the artists that get to participate for the celebration of their hard work. Thissocial gathering comes with performances, booths selling art and jewelry, and food for an exciting evening out. The Arts Factory at downtown Las Vegas is also part of First Friday that can also be visited all year long. The Arts Factory has amazing studios displaying eclectic and diverse art where anyone is free to interact with the artist. On special occasions, The Arts Factory serves as alocation for theatrical performances and musical concerts for the whole community and visitors to enjoy.
There are also museums like Las Vegas Natural Museum and the Springs Preserve to give the understanding in dynamic of the world and Nevada. Las Vegas Natural Museum has so many interactive exhibits that are fun and educational. One of the most fascinating exhibits is the Marine Life. This exhibit,under the depths of the ocean, the scenery is filled with creatures of the ocean, varying from sharks to dolphins. The exhibit contains a collection of real life aquatic creatures that catch the eye of any visitor. The largest tank is filled with sharks like the stingray. The other exhibit that is entertaining is the Prehistoric Gallery, with its focal point of a giant T-Rex. The exhibit alsocontains a replica of a gigantic marine reptile that used to swim in the prehistoric waters of Nevada and gives facts about how the state looked during that time. The Springs Preserve gives out a wider knowledge of the prehistoric history of Nevada and its sustainable future. In one its galleries, the Natural Mojave Gallery, lets visitors interact up close with captive exhibits of the wildlife that thedesert of Nevada has. It is a fun way to be active by learning about each species and looking for them in their habitats. People of the Springs Gallery is a fun and creative way of teaching the development of Las Vegas from the construction of Hoover Dam to the time line growth of the population of the city. Both Las Vegas Natural Museum and the Springs Preserve have great exhibits and galleriesof the teaching of Nevada's history.
The beautiful land marks that Las Vegas has to offer are other tourist attractions that are merely mentioned in movies, and that are enjoyable activities. The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas, and Mt. Charleston are a few land marks and manmade marks that are fascinating to visit. In certain locations like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam,tourists can go on a captivating and adventurous ride on a helicopter. Both the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam have magnificent geological views and extravagant tours. For a quiet and relaxing time, it's better to drive down to Lake Mead, and spend a great time cooking for the family on one of the picnic areas that surrounds the lake, and also, enjoying a nice ride on a boat fishing. For a more...