Graphics and design

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A graphic is a kind of information illustrated, that you can represent a board, a number, a figure, etc. The graphics are used in order that people may understand easily, big quantities of information and the relation that exists between each of the parts of this.
On the other hand the design refers to the process that takes effect to accomplish the construction of something, rightnow be flat of architecture, drawings of engineering, diagrams of circuits, etc. But the definition of design can vary depending in the area that this be utilized.

Graphics and Designs

The visual performance comes from any surface like a wall, paper, cloth, a computer's screen, and that it is used to illustrate and entertaining. Examples of these can be drawings, photos, on-lineart, numbers, symbols, maps, geometric symbols, etc. In the graphics combine him so much the text like the illustration and the color.
Cave paintings, bones, check marks on the rocks and ivories are the one that are known like the first graphics that were gone into by anthropologists that were made in prehistoric eras, understood enter 40.000 and 10.000 BC or before.
The engraving intie of stone and the cylindrical seals are some of the first drawings and graphics known in the world modern, that they dial the start of historic periods. The Greek ones belonging to the 600 to the 250 AC, they played an important role in the geometry to represent their mathematical theories such like the theorem of Pitágoras, and the theorem of the circle they used graphics.
Therealization comes from check marks on a surface exercising pressure with some type of tool, and also it can be said that a tool on a surface is to slide.
Lead pencils, pencils painted in colors, crayons, paintbrushes between another one are the commonnest tools utilized for the drawing.
You photograph her also he is consider like a typographic art, but what difference has this of the othergraphic forms is than, a photographer can elect his angle and I camp of vision. Also they can utilize different techniques like filters to change colors or various lenses to distort the sight.

The design is a word that it contains a world inside of if. It can be said that the graphic performance is of some future. The design is to materialize an idea so that he wants to be done bymeans of sketches, drawings, schemata etc. You need an intuitive act that we know like creativity, for the creation in order to lay plans or some object's invention if not exists, or the existing modification of something ordering it and transforming it.
They need functional considerations and estheticses in order to lay plans. They need to investigate some phases for analysis, modeling, adaptationand adjustments before the conclusion of the object. This also is going to depend on the object to lay plans and if participation of one or several people is.
The relations between the front-line movements and the design were experts' center of discussion and investigators that separated his look of more relevant aspects during years. The design has to do with art when this uses a similarlanguage, but in reality he is a most complex phenomenon and this once the production was linked and to commerce.
“Unlike art and architecture where appliances are the main character, the historic process of the design does not have a base only upon the planners, because the producers, the salespeople and the same public according to Renato of Fusco .Have at least one similar weight”.
Althoughfrequently it is used to mix up the designers with the artists, these only have in the common the creativity. The designer works in terms of an assignment, therefore has to think about the customer like in the end user and has to justify his proposals. On the other hand the artist is or this more open and his actions do not have to be necessarily justified.
The process to lay plans implies the...
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