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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Joan of Arc (January 6, 1412 - May 30, 1431) [1], also known as the Maid of Orleans (or, in French, la Pucelle), was a heroine, French military and holy. His feast is celebrated on the anniversary ofhis death, as is tradition in the Catholic Church on 30 May.

Born in Domremy, a small town in the département of the Vosges in Lorraine, France, and with 17 years headed the French royal army. Hepersuaded Charles VII of that expel the English from France and he was given authority over his army in the Siege of Orleans, the battle of Patay and other clashes in 1429 and 1430. These campaignsrevitalized the faction of Charles VII during the Hundred Years War and led to the coronation of the monarch. As a reward, the king exempted the hometown of Joan of Domremy annual tax to the crown. Thislaw remained in force until about one hundred years. He was later captured by the Burgundians and handed over to the English. The clerics condemned for heresy and the Duke John of Bedford burnedalive in Rouen. Most data are based on his life in the minutes of that process but, somehow, are starved for credit, according to several eyewitnesses to the trial, were subjected to a multitude ofcorrections by order of Bishop Cauchon, as well as the introduction of false data. Among these witnesses was the official scribe, designated only by Cauchon, who says that sometimes had secretaries hiddenbehind the curtains of the room waiting for instructions to delete or add data to the minutes.

Twenty-five years after his conviction, King Charles VII instigated the Church to review thisinquisitorial trial, ruling Pope Nicholas V was inappropriate to reopen at that time, due to recent military successes in France over England and the possibility of that the English take on those delicatemoments, as an affront by Rome. But Jane's family also gathered the necessary evidence for the retrial and sent them to the Pope, but he definitively refused to reopen the process. On the death of...
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