Green buildings

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  • Publicado : 1 de octubre de 2010
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Benefits of green buildings

From cost savings to the delivery of a good image to the community are some of the benefits in these buildings.
Ecosustentables Buildingconstruction is gaining adherents. Whether you care for the planet or save costs, companies have begun to build this type of property.

In that sense, the author ofbooks such as "Choosing Green" and "Green Building Trends", Jerry Yudelson, lists a number of advantages that can provide this type of construction companies, both those whobuild, such as those decide to settle in one of these buildings.

From savings to the delivery of a good image to the community, are some of the benefits. Then, sixadvantages that every entrepreneur should consider.
1. Cost Savings
Choose a ecosustentable building makes it possible to save on energy costs. Through solar panels,companies spend less on electricity and heating.

2. Increased building valuation
Green buildings provide large profits for the builders, working with inexpensivematerials.

3. Incentives
At this time, governments in many countries are encouraging the construction of green buildings, so the business is very attractive to real estatecompanies.

4. Health Benefits
Using elements friendly to the environment can benefit the health of workers, not being so corrosive and harmful to the body.

5.Marketing and Public Relations
Both the building as being installed on a green building provides benefits in the corporate image of a company, to link with concern for societyand the planet.
6. Increase income
For real estate companies, construction of such building may be higher rents, the low cost accounts to be using renewable energy.
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