Growing up in chile

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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My birthdays as a child are best described as a quilt of exciting moments growing up in Chile. Every year I would look forward to the occasion, on a hot summer day towards the end of November. Iwould graciously be taken on a “Ladies Outing” carefully planned by my illustrious grandmother,“Mamita Susana.”
My grandmother is an enchanting character. She is the fruit of entrepreneurial parents. Mygreat grandfather “Samuel,” came from Germany in search of riches making his way to California. Somewhere along Cape Horns he ran out of funds; subsequently his journey ended in Chile. My greatgrandmother “Aurora,” was a member of a wealthy family of land owners. After a tumultuous wedding; Aurora was disowned and lived the rest of her fairly tail with Samuel. They managed a bar in the port cityof Valparaiso, and a rustic restaurant in Villa Alemana. In this fascinating atmosphere my grandmother grew up with her 4 sisters, and later met and married the Naval Officer of her dreams mygrandfather,“Jaime.”
As a young girl, “Mamita Susana” always intrigued me. Presently, at her advanced age she remains a handsome woman untouched by time. With porcelain complexion and rosy cheeks; alwayssporting her signature medium platinum blonde hair, with 1950's finger waves. Her hands have always been manicured to perfection, accessorized with cocktail rings and oval shaped crimson nails.
To mybad luck it seemed that my birthday always fell on a school day. My practical mother would send me to school; an act registering as pure evil in my developing mind. She would hand me my pass to freedomupon arrival at the school's main entrance. A precious note, that would allow me to have sophisticated day with Mamita Susana. Once the transaction of picking up my homework and being freed from thechuckles of “The Sister's of Excelsior” ( I attended a religious school). I would rush to get into the car and be embraced by the hypnotizing scent of Chanel No.5, and lipstick filled kisses from my...
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