Guatemala gastronomy

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Guatemalan gastronomy

Besides its culture, nature and people, Guatemala offers a wide variety of gastronomy. We invite you not to miss this opportunity to enjoy the delicious typical dishes ofeach region.


Typical Foods:
Caldo de mariscos (seafood food)
Chiles rellenos (bell peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables, covered in whipped egg whites and fried) 
Caldo depata (leg soup)
Sopa de tortuga (turtle soup) 
Sopa de yuca (soup of yucca)
Specific Dish:
Chile’s rellenos preparation is bell peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables, covered in whipped eggwhites and fried.

In this place projecting the meals with seafood, as crayfish stuffed, shrimps broth, seafood broth.

Santa Rosa
Typical Foods:
Carne en amarillo (meat with yellow sauce)Chanfaina (type of lamb stew with onion, garlic, bay leaf and chili) 
Tamalitos de elote (corn tamales with cream, cheese and aniseed) 
Specific Dish:
Chanfaina his preparation is as a type of lamb stewwith onion, garlic, bay leaf and chili.The fried tortilla soup is also very characteristic of the place.

Its agricultural products stand coffee, which is good quality, sugarcane, corn, beans,rice, potatoes, sesame, sorghum, cotton, snuff and fruits, especially pineapple sugar called.

Typical Foods:
Camarones con chipilín (shrimp with chipilín o chepil) 
Pulique verde   (green pulique)
Carne de marrano en amarillo   (pig meat in yellow)
Specific Dish:
El revolcado is the favorite dish of the region, but also the people tasted the green puliquelint, pig meat chipilin yellow shrimp and red beans with chipilin.

Suchitepéquez is characterized by an economy based on agriculture and livestock.

Typical Foods:
Carne conmiltomate (meat with tomatillo) 
Chancletas de güisquil (chayote with sugar, cinnamon, almonds, milk, egg, brown sugar, rum and raisins)
Specific Dish:
Chancletas de güisquil the preparation of this...
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