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Guerrero is a mountainous state located along the southern coast of Mexico. Guerrero was named after Vicente Guerrero, revolutionary leader in the war against Spain. Guerrero has atropical climate with rainy seasons, especially during summer and fall.
The only area of Guerrero that is not dominated by mountains is a narrow coastal strip with hundreds of miles of beaches. The 3 majorareas of tourism in Guerrero is known as “ Triangulo del Sol”, triangle of the sun is composed by Taxco a colonial town known for its silverwork, Acapulco and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo both beautifulbeaches complete the triangle.

It is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 300 km. southwest from Mexico City. The city is known as one of Mexico’s most well known beach resorts. Acapulcois divided in 2 main areas, the north end of the bay is the “traditional” area, were people used to vacation in the mid 20th century, and the south end which is dominated by new luxury hotels.Acapulco has 3 main types of tourism, pleasure and ecotourism.
a) Pleasure tourism →

Acapulco’s reputation is that of a party town where you can have dinner at delicious restaurants, party till dawn andrelax all daytime under the sun in beautiful beaches. The nightlife has made this city famous for decades; it is Acapulco’s main attraction.

Nightclubs in Acapulco:

• Alebrije
• Classico
• Baby O´
b) Sport tourism →

Extreme Sports:

a) Bungee jump: at Condesa Beach on the Costera Miguel Alemán. This jump consists on a drop of 50 meters.
b) Water rafting: riding theShotover Jet boat on the Papagayo River.
c) Rock climbing: extreme outdoor adventures in and around Papagayo River.
d) Cycling
e) Kayaking
f) Jet skiing
g) Parasailing
h) Cliff Divers: Divers jumpoff the cliff of “La Quebrada”
c) Ecotourism →

• Tres Palos: Lagoon ideal for hiring a boat and enjoy its vegetation and fauna.
• Dolphin encounters: swimming with dolphins is one of Playa...
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