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PAST CONTINUOUS: TO BE IN PAST TENSE (WAS/WERE)+ GERUND VERG (VERB+ING) |Can: ability in Present tense.-subject + can´t+ verb
Could: ability in Past Tense. –subject +couldn´t + verb | |
|We(play) ____________ basketball when it started to rain.|The Fish ___ swim |
|They (play)_________tennis when itstarted to rain. |Horses ___ sing. |
|He (sleep)__________ at his desk when his boss fired him. |Sara ___ cometo our party last Saturday. She had to work. |
|I (drive) __________ my car when I crashed. |People in the year 1899 ___ watch TV.|
|I (chat)_________ online when the lights went out. |Women in the year 1899 ___ wear pants. They always wore dresses.|
|Marvin cut himself while he (shave)_____________ this |Women today ___ wear pants or dresses if they want to. |
|morning.|Andrew ___ drive a car when he was young, but now he can. |
|I got paint all over myself while I (sit)_______ on abench| |
|in the park. ||
|She fell on the sidewalk while she (ride) ___________ her ||
|bicycle. | |
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