Guia ingles pasado simple y futuro high school

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A- Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in the PAST SIMPLE.

0. Katherine visited her mother-in-law yesterday AffirmativeKatherine did not (didn’t) visit her mother-in-law yesterday Negative
Did Katherine visit her mother-in-law yesterday? Interrogative
1. Drew didn’t find his CD in his bedroom._________________________________________________________
2. Did Justin Bieber come to Chile this year?__________________________________________________________
3. Carl and Noah didn’t work for their presentation.__________________________________________________________
4. Did we start the class on time this morning?__________________________________________________________
5. My cousin went to India a month ago.__________________________________________________________

B- Read the text and fill in the blank using the Simple past tense.
My Summer holidays!
Dear Elizabeth:
Lastsummer, my family and I -1. Spent (spend) our holidays in Naxos, an amazing island in Greece. The island -2. (be) very big and there -3. ________ (be) lots of things to see and do.We -4. (stay) at a comfortable bungalow and -5. (go) swimming every day at the island’s beautiful beaches…I -6. (get) a great suntan!
We also -7.(try) the local cuisine. There 8. (be) various traditional taverns on the island and we -9. (eat) there every evening!...I
But Naxos is not all about fun. We also...