Guia ingles i prepa abierta


1._______________paint? A can a) How many b) How c) How much d) What 2._ _______________ it? Dack’s book a) What is b) What does c) who does d) Who is 3.- Doyou_________________ in class? a) to talk b) talk c) talks d) talking 4.- They’re a) b) c) d) glass________ s ‘s es ies

7.- __________ he ________ happy? a) Is/always b) Does/always c) Is/seldom d) Does/seldom8.- She _________________ angry a) never does b) never is c) does never d) is never 9.- Christine ___________________ Spanish clearly a) speak b) speaks c) speaking d) to speak 10.- The fruit is________________ the table a) here b) there c) on d) over 11.- Dr. Hill ___________ live in Mexico. a) doesn’t b) don’t c) isn’t d) aren’t 12.- _____________ you have English? At eleven o’clock a) Where doesb) Where is c) When is d) When does 13.- ________________________he painting? The door a) What does b) What is c) How is d) How does

5.- ____they______ run in the park? a) do/ never b) are/neverc) are/ever d) do/ ever 6.- They’re a) b) c) d) potato_____ es s ‘s ies

3 14.- How many _________________________? a) perfume b) water c) people d) celery 15.- __________ she __________ ? No, shorta) Is / loud b) Is / tall c) Do / tall d) Do / Loud 16.- _______________________ knives. a) they are b) Are they c) They do d) Do they 17.- Who ___________________? Davis’s brother a) does he b) hedoes c) is he d) he is 18.- ____________ she __________ ? Preparing sandwiches in the kitchen a) Where’s /do b) Where’s/ doing c) What’s /do d) What’s / doing 19.- The glass is _________________ thebottlea) inside b) below c) beside d) between 20.- The car is _________ the house. a) outside b) inside c) far from d) under

4 21.- __________ is Sally ________? In the garden a) Where / works b)Where / Working c) When / working d) When / works 22.- What ________________? Wrenches. a) is it b) it is c) they are d) are they 23.- Frank a) b) c) d) and Barbara _______not _______ basketball now....
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