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* Completa con la palabra correcta en cada columna.

Verb to be do/does have/has was/were








* Escribe nuevamente la oración usando la contracción de cada pronombre.

I am a nurse at this hospital.

You are the perfect candidate for this job.

He is a great member of this team.We are visiting the forest to complete our investigation.

* Subraya la palabra que completa correctamente cada oración.

We ( play / plays ) in the backyard every morning.

They ( show/ shows ) their students how to improve their skills.

She ( enjoys / enjoy ) her new audio system.

I ( cooks / cook ) for the rest of the team every Thursday.

You ( sings / sing )very loud notes during the rehearsal.

* Escribe la respuesta a cada pregunta.

Who is your favorite singer?

What are your plans for this vacation?

When are you going to pick up your finalexam results?

Where is your mother at this moment?

How do you prepare a good sandwich?

* Elige la preposición correcta para completar el párrafo.

We work ________ a hotel since 2006._______ in the morning and _______

the customers arrive, we walk _________ the restaurant to check if everything is


When people leaves, we put back everything on the table after___________

cleaning up.

Our shift finishes _________ at night, and it is the best thing ________ the world

for us to do.

* Escribe una oración con el adjetivo posesivo correcto a cadapronombre.

I - my

You - _____

He - _____

She - _____

We - _____

* Escribe cinco oraciones usando el “present continuous” según se indica en cada caso.

We are

You are

He isI am

They are

* Escribe la conjunción correcta en cada caso.

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Australia is very hot in December, _________ cold in July._________ the...