Gya marriage

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  • Publicado : 4 de julio de 2010
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In ancient times, the homosexuality was not accepted with a lot of understanding like nowadays. It is normal to see gay couples in the streets. Most of them are not worriedabout people’s sensibility. As we know, many people debate and share opinions about gay marriage, which is a controversial topic that in some European countries is adopted as normal; for example, inSpain as in other places of the world, gay marriage is legal. But there are some countries like Peru that do not accept gay marriage because it affects the society. Although some people think that gaycouples are humans and they want to shoe their love as a traditional couple, I believe that those couples offend our sensibility, moral, and kids.

Some people think that gay couples have rightsand they are free to choose an option for their lives. Many opponents say that gay couples have the same right of getting marriage as a woman and a man. Also, they add that gay couples are normalpeople; as a result, they want to create a family showing their love. Those opponents claim that gays have beautiful feelings and they want to show them. Even though many people pay attention to emotionalarguments, I think that emotional arguments are not valid reasons to do things or believe on them. It seems that a minority that is really organized want to destroy the best treasure of the society,which is the family, and the best way is discredit and convert the marriage trivial.

Many think that gay couples could get married and could adopt kids, and could do something better for the society.Gays say that the religion and church do not have to worry about their lives and they also feel that marriage is a beautiful symbol for them; however, marriage is more than feelings between twomembers. Feelings are very important , but feelings change according to the time. Marriage involves personal feelings, but that not means that it is a private situation; for instance, if the couple is...
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