Sex marriages

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2010
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For about a decade, same-sex marriages have been a big issue in the United States. There have been many states that have legalized the same-sex marriage law and others who have not yet exactly metthe ‘right decision’. That is because there are so many opinions that people have towards this debate. Some opinions are very harsh, some could help legalize the law, and some are just non-caringopinions. I chose this topic because I am for same-sex marriage to be legalized in every part of the United States and all around the world for many reasons. I also chose this topic because I have beenlearning so much about it such as people’s different thoughts about it. I simply think that it is not fair that heterosexuals could get married and homosexuals can not. I thought that life andmarriage was about love, not your gender.
Proponents of same-sex marriage say that the institution is a unique expression of love and commitment and that calling the unions of same-sex couples anythingelse is a form of second class citizenship (N.Y Times, 1). They also realize that there are many legal rights tied to marriage. They are saying that allowing same-sex marriages would undermine theinstitution of marriage itself. I say that is no where near correct because if a woman loves a man they have a right to get married but if it is a woman and a woman they have no type of right to getmarried, why should it be any different when it is just love, and two people wanting to share and spend the rest of their lives together. It is interesting because with President Barack Obama, thismovement is actually making progress in state legislatures. In Maine, Vermont, and Ney Hampshire they approved bills allowing same-sex marriage in 2009.

States who decide to legalize same-sexmarriage should just keep it that way. It is ridiculous to rebuke the same-sex marriage law if it was already proved to be legalized in a state. The fact that they rebuke makes the law gets banned for...
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