Habit 4 thinking win-win

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Good morning fellow classmates, we are…, and today we are going to talk about the 4th habit of a highly effective teen: Thinking Win-Win.
First of all, who can tell what “thinking win-win” means?Hacemos que levanten la mano y que uno conteste la pregunta.
Thinking Win-Win: is an attitude toward life, a mental frame of mind that says I can win, and so can you. Is a belief that everyone canwin. You care about other people and you want them to succeed. But you also care about yourself, and you want to succeed as well. Win-Win is the belief that there is plenty of success to go around. It isnot either you or me it is both of us. It Is not a matter of who as the bigger piece of pie there is more enough food for everyone. It is the foundation of getting along with friends and otherpeople. Nobody is more powerful than anyone else.
There are many negative ways to see this:
Lose-Lose: Is the people that say, if I am going down then you are going down with me. War is a great exampleof lose-lose, whoever kills the most people wins the war. That doesn’t sound like anyone ends up winning at all. Revenge is also lose-lose, by getting revenge you may think you are winning, but youare really only hurting yourself. Lose-lose is usually what happens when 2 win-lose people get together, they both want to win at all cost, but at the end they both lose.
Lose-Win: I a weak attitudetoward life. With a win-lose attitude you will find yourself setting low expectations and compromising your standards again and again. Giving in to peer pressure is lose-win. Perhaps you don’t want toditch school, but the group wants you to. So you give in. What happened? Well, you lost and they won. That’s called Lose-win. If you adopt lose-win as your basic attitude toward life, then people willstep their dirty feet on you. You will also be hiding your true feelings deep inside and that’s not healthy.
Win-Lose: win – lose is a competitive attitude toward life that says that in the road of...
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