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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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Enfermedades Cronikas

Every restaurant suffers from an illness that sometimes is invisible to customers. That illness can be a fever, a light headache, a soar throat, or even cancer. I have worked in many restaurants in the last twenty years and I have not yet work in a restaurant that is 100 % healthy. The illness that I want to talk about is very common and I see it happen again andagain. During the summer our management hires new college students to work the summer season shifts. I recognize the mistake of hiring people with no experience at all in an upscale restaurant which specialized in fine dining. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against college students who like to make extra cash during the summer time before they go back to school, but, where I worknow should not be a school for bus boys, bartenders or waiters. The applicants should be required to have fine dining experience. I think that that type of illness even though is a minor one can have a disastrous consequences. I have no idea the procedure used by the management when doing the hiring. Maybe they only look at their pretty faces and forget to inquired them about theirknowledge of food and wine and service in general. There are coworkers who have been in the company for a few years and they know how to do the job better than the ones they hired. But the management refuse to give them the opportunity to be a bartender or a waiter. The other day, I was training a new waiter who said he had worked in a fancy restaurant before, but had no idea of what a Dover Solefish was, nor the difference between Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. I rolled my eyes and bit my lips in order not to say something about the person who did the hiring. I understand that the personality of a person means a lot, being polite and well groom definitely helps and is a plus but when we get really busy those qualities don't mean shit. A few days ago, a Monday slow night, I went tothe bar to get my drinks, a Cosmopolitan and a French Martini. The kid, a young well groom new bartender was chatting with a young couple at the end of the bar. I just stood there, waiting for him to acknowledge my presence. I waited a minute or two, and he kept chatting with the couple, laughing at something funny somebody had said. Finally, I call up his name to get his attention, and heapologized right away for his oblivious behavior. I told him that I was waiting for my drinks, a Cosmopolitan and a French martini. He looked at me like if I was speaking French. I asked him if he knew how to make those two drinks. He just smile and looked at me like saying, I'm sorry, I'm the bartender here, but I'm only for display, like the bottle of Galiano, or Licor 43 that we never sell. Hetold me that if I tell him how to make the drinks that the next time somebody orders the same drinks again he will know how to make it. No fucking mames gue, this is not a fucking school for bartenders. You are supposed to know how to make drinks, that's your “pinche” job. I went behind the bar, and told him to watch me and learn. I made the drinks and hurry to the table, which by now must bewondering where the hell their drinks were. Mondays are usually slow, but today we have 80 reservations for five servers; three bus boys and one bartender. Yes, the college student who does not know how to make drinks. I thought that we were going to have an easy slow night. God, I was wrong. All the reservations were from six thirty to eight thirty at night. We prepare by setting up ourstations with all the little things we need to survive the shift. We gather by the micros near the pantry with other bus boys and waiters to talk about soccer. Mexico had a tough match against Guatemala in the Copa De Concacaf which won at the last minute. Some times the hostess will join us to chat as well. The funny thing is that It does not matter what topic we started talking about, we...
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