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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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The Pedestrian
What do I think about the future? My ideas are really crazy but interesting at the time. I think that in about 25 years we won’t pay for an airplane ticket, cars will beable to fly; cars will function as submarines too. Houses will talk. Every time you enter a house, she/he (the house) will welcome you, and ask if you are hungry, and if you say yes, hands will comeout, out of nowhere with a plate of food and a drink. Every time you wake up, like for school or to go to your job, and it’s time to wake up and you are steal asleep, then the bed will move by itselftowards the bathroom and live you at the shower. In the shower, with you still sleeping, hands will clean you up, and when you are out, the same hands will do your hair, put some lotion on, brush yourteeth and even put your clothes. I know my future is kind of complicated, but I will like it that way and my ideas are not over yet. When a rain, storm, is prognosticated a ceiling will cover the skyof the city you live in for you not to get wet and a certain temperature will be maintained, not like the Simpson’s Movie Dome, but like a glass under the sky, making the water fall in some kind ofprocessor that purifies the water and makes it drinkable. I would like for people in the future to have portable beaches and for people to be able to regulate the weather as they want, hot, cold, or inbetween. I hope the future has all of these things and much more interesting stuff, but if we are realistic in our country, the development and usage of technology will involve the double of time thanany other country. In my opinion, I think that Honduras because of the lack of education people will take a lot of time to understand technology, but at some point my country will rise upeconomically, politically, and the percentage of poor people will reduce in more than a 50%. Other countries like China, Japan, USA will be the first ones to implement the idea of “my future”. You might think...
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