Hair donation

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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2011
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Hair Donation

Eva Ramirez

General purpose: To inform.
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about Hair Donation.
Thesis: Hair donation is a volunteer process to help many differentcauses, and not just humans can do it.

A. Maybe you are just planning to make a big style change and want your hair to do something better than take up space in the trash. Or you have acondition and you are losing your hair.
B. Have you ever wonder how many things can be done with hair?
(Transition: Hair can be part of many different causes or purposes )
I. CAUSESA. To help fight oil spills.
1. Fur or human hair is a material that absorbs oil well.
2. For instance, in an article written by Susan Villas, to combat an oil spill caused in the Guimaras Strait,at least 600 students in the country donated their hair.
3. There are 2600 oil spills a year.
4. According to Matter of Trust (ecological public charity foundation), rugs and brooms made withhair, it can build on the cleanup taking place. Look at this first photo (show photo).
5. This next photo is an example, that anyone can donate it. Look at it, a little dog doing it. (Show photograph).(Transition: Now, another cause that most foundations apply for; wigs, to make them affordable or free for a person in need of one.)
B. To make wigs
1. Let´s watch this video related tothis cause. (Play the video).
2. Many families can not afford human hair prostheses, which cost between 300 to 600 dollars (Susan Villaswriter).
3. For children, women or men who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or alopecia.
4. The wigs are made from donated hair for men, women and children of all ages andethnicities.
(Transition: Next, Let´s find out what you need to donate your hair. Check this to make sure that you don´t cut your hair for nothing!)
II. Donation guidelines

A. Once you've...
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