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Halloween is a celebration of Celtic culture from which takes place mainly in the U.S. on the night of October 31. Children dress for the occasion and roam the streets begging for candy from door todoor. After knocking at the door children uttered the phrase "Trick or Treat" or "Trick or Trick" (from the English term "trick or treat"). If adults give them candy, money or other reward, isinterpreted to have accepted the deal. If instead they refuse, the boys spend a little joke, the most common throw eggs or shaving foam against the door.

The word Halloween is a derivation of the phraseAll Hallow's Eve (Eve Day Saints). It was celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries, mainly in Canada, U.S., Ireland and the UK. But now held in almost all Western countries with greater or lesser presence.Its origins date back to the Celts, and the party was exported to the United States by Irish immigrants especially in the nineteenth century, more or less around 1846. The expansive force of U.S.culture Halloween has been popular in other countries too. The day of Halloween, in modern times is considered a U.S. holiday.

The history of Halloween goes back more than 2,500 years, when theCeltic year ended in late summer, the day October 31 in our calendar. The cattle were brought from the pastures to the stables for the winter. That last day, it was assumed that the spirits could leavethe cemetery and take over the bodies of the living to rise again. To avoid this, the Celtic villages and houses littered the "decorated" with bones, skulls and other unpleasant things, so that the deadspend long scared. Hence the tradition of decorated the houses with sinister motives in the current eve of All Saints and costumes.

The journey in search of treats children probably link to theDutch tradition of the Feast of St. Martin.

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Halloween (/jalowiin/, IPA [ˈha.lo.wiːn]) es una fiesta proveniente de la cultura céltica que se celebra principalmente en Estados...
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