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  • Publicado : 16 de octubre de 2010
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MariaJose Solis
Honors English
P5 GoldOctober 10, 2010

Earlier that day, when the sun was still setting, there was the chill you could never quite shake off on a Halloweenevening. The leaves rustled, someone was coming…
“Trick or Treat!” the sound echoed through the quite ally, it was starting. With the sight of the man, the little boy ran off as hismother who ushered him by. I retreated back to the shadows; I couldn’t wait for midnight, I couldn’t wait for the blood. Sarah always wore her silly hat and flew across the moon, Bobjust disappears and screams boo. No, not me, not tonight, tonight I’m on my own. Tonight there will be blood.
The sun was down and the sweet unforgiving darkness settled upon herpray. The cry of a wolf soon pierced the night, they could do nothing tonight, tonight was the night of the dead. The small children dressed in their laughable customs roamed through thenight, so much to choose from. A man crept up behind one of the children, snatched his candy and ran. He had a large cape on with mock fangs and fake blood dripping down his mouth.Yes, he would be the first.
Ironically enough he went to the haunted house to enjoy his spoils. It was risky. What if they tried to stop him? No, no one could stop him tonight. Hecrept up behind him, silent as the wind, soft as a feather, deadlier than you could ever imagine. The slick sour taste of blood tingled the tip of his tongue, the heat radiated off theyoung male. He had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He would only be the first of this deadly night. He had already wasted too much time, he was ready.
He pounced.
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