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Themes | Statement/transition | Examples/support | Purpose/conclusion |
1. Dehumanization | Can be seen as one of the umbrella theme under which the other themes fit. One of the products oftotalitarian state, Orwell tried to warn us about this. It unites all other themes in the message Orwell tries to get across | For example Orwell’s characterization of Winston in so far as he is portrayed asa man suffering paranoia and fear that he will be discovered, frustrated by his surrounded and social cultural environment he finds himself in. Other example no normal relationships Katherine (dutyto the Party) | In my examination of dehumanization…ect. We can see Winston as an example of the totalitarian regimes focused on the repression of basic rights. This falls under the category of theabuse of power. |
2. Abuse of power | | | |
3. Repression | It is the results of the Party’s abuse of power by restricting human rights, freedom of expression, and even freedom of thought.Individuals living in Orwell’s totalitarian society are constantly monitored and are not even safe when they go to sleep. | | |
4.Isolation | What is the theme of isolation? More prominent as itserves as a effect or product of the kinds of repressions placed upon de citizen in 1984. He tries to warn us about the kinds of isolation we might experience under a totalitarian state. It is seenthroughout the novel as Winston becomes a deeper character. He is isolated both physically and psychologically because of his frustration and disillusionment with the society he lives in. He cannot expresshis feelings and his ideas and this creates a feeling of loneliness | He is psychologically isolated in terms of being able to talk about his thoughts freely, his hate for the Party and his desire torebel against the Party, and physically he is isolated when he is locked up in room 101. | .The kinds of repression the Party exerts on the individuals is the result of their abuse of power. The...
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