Harlem renaissance

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1. - Harlem
. It is the northern sector of the island of Manhattan, whose boundaries are 96th Street to the south, the Hudson River to the west and 155th Street along the Harlem River to the north and theeast river east  

2 .- Renaissance 
Is the name given to a broad cultural movement that arose in Western Europe in the fifteenth and XV.El Renaissance is the result of the dissemination ofideas of humanism, which resulted in a new conception of man and the world. 

3 .- Harlem + Renaissance .- 
It is known as the Harlem Renaissance to the entire cultural activity which revived the art of the United States during 1920 and early 1930 and was in charge of the black community who lived in Harlem, New York. 
The Harlem Renaissance was more than a cultural movement it also includedthe creation of an African American consciousness as a human being. 

4 Determine the conflict DURING this period (between 1920 and 1930) 

The conflict that determined in this period was the Great Depression. In 1919, New York was hit, like other cities across the country, such as mass strikes of the longshoremen, actors and firefighters. The workers demanded wage increases to offset inflation,and better working conditions. 
The year 1920 also was marked by the prohibition, speakeasies opening, retail and consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as the bootleggers and smugglers of alcohol. Many bars and clubs of Harlem, exclusive to whites, were then controlled by Jewish and Italian mafias. In particular, the gangster "Dutch" Schultz controlling production and distribution ofspirits in the neighborhood. The famous Italian Mafia godfather, Lucky Luciano, who commanded their execution was in 1935. 
The Big Apple, NEW YORK did not escape the Great Depression of 1930, was also held DeWall Street where the crash said the 29that preceded the global crisis. The crowd was swirling off the bagon the day of the Crash of 29, marking the beginning of the GreatDepression.Unemployment and poverty rose rapidly. The Great Depressiontook to the streets to thousands of New Yorkers, some of whomlived in shelters in Central Park.
In March 1930, the U.S. Communist Party organized ademonstration that drew some 35,000 people in the streets of NewYork.


5 .- Black Culture and the Emerging 
A) what did itmean to Be african american artist DURING Period 
Being a black artist in this period meant having a chance to show the lives of black Americans. Was to have the possibility that white people recognize the emerging artistic talent and present African American culture as representatives of New York as well. 
It also meant having the opportunity to represent the cultural pluralism in aesthetics inAfrican American literature and art that was born in Harlem. 
Being an African American artist at that time was to represent the African American community, which long had been an ethnic minority in the U.S. population. 

B) what cultures Were Emerging 

African-American culture emerged. 
For the years 1830, had lost their land to cultivate qualities and abandoned by their owners. The areawas welcoming new residents looking for cheap properties, suffering the highest population increase with the arrival in 1837 of New York and Harlem Railroad, linking lower Manhattan to Harlem. New educational, cultural and religious West Harlem emerged covering the needs of a middle-class neighborhood had become fashionable in this sector. The high demand for housing was increasing its value. Theopening of new subway lines in the neighborhood at the end of the century, a new wave triggered speculative real estate prices, already high, forcing the tenants to move to the high rents, and the owners to sell the inability to pay the mortgage. 

In the early twentieth century, African-American real estate agent Philip Payton leased a lot of devalued properties, rent to members...
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