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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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There have been a lot of differences between men and women throughout history; specifically I am going to talk about them between Renaissance and the actual society. The Renaissance was a veryspecial and important part of history; it marked the end of the Middle Ages in Europe. It was the time when people re-discovered learning and looked back to the classical civilizations of Rome and Greecefor inspiration, were woman were not considerated as a part of society; we can tell that today there are almost no differences between genders.
Men had rights over woman during The Renaissance, theychose the woman they wanted to marry, they chose them according to social status, how much money they had, how they looked or anything, but once they had chosen, woman couldn´t do anything about it.They had to obey who to marry, they couldn´t complain. Just like in the movie “Shakespeare in Love”, where Lady Viola De Lesseps was being forced to marry Lord Wessex and right after the wedding leaveto Virginia, even though she was in love with the famous writer William Shakespeare. Another right men had over women was that men where the only ones who could have a position in government. QueenElizabeth I was married a King, when the king died she stayed in the throne; that was the only way as a woman to have a position in government.
The value, social expectations, legal status, and rightsof women were taken for granted; Men controlled everything in the society, they were the fathers, the husbands, the teachers, they had every role in government; but women had no control about theirposition in society. As I told you, everything between genders has change. In our actual world women have the same rights as men. Now they can be actresses without the need of hiding it, they can havean actual position in government, last elections for president in the United States a woman named Hilary Clinton was one of the candidates, unfortunately she didn’t win. Another example of woman...