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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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On the last years we had saw how addictive could be the technology and the harm that it could do to our society, but we also had saw how useful it could be.
The advance technology hadhelp keeping us closer, by internet, phones or new faster mail services, also it have help with the advances of humanity (talking about engineer, architecture, etc.) and what is more, the newtechnology had developed medicine and biology. Nevertheless we can’t forget about all the problems that this cause, like the bad child development because of video games and computers, or the deforestation totake the wood for construction, or the contamination for the city’s smog, or all the moral debates because of clonation.

One of the biggest discovers of the advanced technologies is cures,vacuums or treatments for lethal diseases, as measles, malaria or leukemia. And this kind of achievements have saved millions of lives around the world, and also it have helped doctors, chemists andbiologist to know more about how is the function of our body, since the smaller cell to the biggest organ. Besides, biologists have been studying the develop of plants since Mendeleyev, and on this momentthey know how to manipulate the plants to obtain better results for the agricultural production, for increase when quantity and/or quality of the product, and if they want, also putting or taking offvitamins, minerals or any other natural thing of the product have that we don’t want. (As lactose on the milk.)

Nevertheless this kind of manipulation has bad consequences too. In the farmsproducers of chicken, farmers gave hormones to the animals to make them grow more than normal and in less time, to have at the end bigger chickens in less time; but of bad quality. This is one of the reasonsfor the fast increasing of the obesity in countries as the United States.
As well we can see that the production of vegetables is made with a huge quantity of pesticides, hormones or artificial...
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