Harry potter, the most popular series in the world

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Santa Fe English center

Topic: Harry Potter, the most popular series in the world

NAME: David Vallejo



First I want to give special thanks to my teachers who have guided me and help me with their knowledge in order to get the goals I have outlined. In addition for the good advices that they told me and for all the persistence they gave us all thistime.
I thank God for my parents given me because they have taught me to overcome myself every day with my own efforts.
Finally but not less important, I want to thank to J. K. Rowling, mother of Harry Potter for her incredible imagination that without this she couldn’t have created this great universe without limits. You're the only culprit of this great literary phenomenon, thank you Jo.DEDICATION

This work done with hard work and dedication is directed to the people who helped me and have supported me throughout my life that are the reasons why I keep combating to get my goals.
I dedicate to my family especially my parents and my brother have always supported me to succeed in student life and all the goals and dreamsI want to achieve, they will always be in my mind.



Every night, in a corner of the world, a reader is plugged with a blanket, light a candle, open Harry Potter and immersed in an enormous universe whose only bordersputs his imagination, dragons, Quaffles and enchantments not only see what we read, but also what is behind the words.
This work is not going to show the full story of Harry Potter, this you have to discover on every page of the books.
I'm going to demonstrate the life and the enormous capacity of imagination of the writer and how she has everything planned and don’t forget nothing. Becauseafter more than three thousand pages, not only show the adventures of a boy wizard who attends a school of magic, you will also find thousands of spells, magic items, animals, places and characters from the magical world. Although you’ll also find the pain of death, religion, social class, friendship and especially all the love that is the main significance of what Harry Potter is.
Today, after 7books of the series and three complementary books, J. K Rowling has made Harry Potter the phenomenon of the decade.


General Objective:

Specific Objectives:

J.K. Rowling

The fantastic Harry Potter’s universe wouldn’texist without the imagination of the most famous writer in the world for this reason it’s necessary to know about the life of the British woman, how Harry Potter arrives to her mind and how he changed her life. Joanne Kathleen Rowling has created an incredible world that everybody wishes, it was real.

The childhood

Joanne Kathleen Rowling As she didn’t have middle name, she chose K as thesecond initial of her pseudonym, from her paternal grandmother Kathleen; it has never been part of her legal name. Following her marriage, her legal name is Joanne Murray, which she uses when conducting her personal business. She calls herself "Jo" and said, "No one ever called me 'Joanne' when I was young, unless they were angry."

She was born on July 31st 1965 in the Yate city, near of Bristolin the west of the United Kingdom. Due to her father’s job, Peter married with Anne a Scottish woman, the family Rowling had to move in many times during the childhood of the little girls Joanne and Dianne her young sister. Joanne and Dianne shared and enjoyed the fantastic tales and stories that Joanne created like the one which was about a rabbit, but they sometimes discussed and Joanne...
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