Hig school musical script

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High School Musical Script

(yelling, whooping)

(kid blows noisemaker)


(girls chatter)(waiter) Happy New Year's, ladies,

Gabby, it's New Year's Eve,
Enough reading,

But, Mom, I'm almost done,

The teen party? I've laid out
your best clothes, Come get ready,Can I have my book back?

- Thank you,
- Come on,

(ball bounces)
Keep working left, Troy,

Got a guard in the championship game
we're expectin', You'll torch'em!

- Am I going left?
- Yeah,

- He looks middle, you take it downtown,
- OK, like this?

Whoo! That's it, man, Sweet,
Let's see that in the game,- Boys?
- Don't worry about me,

Did we really fly all this way
to play more basketball?


It's the last night of vacation,The party, remember?

Right, the party,
The party, New Year's Eve,

Troy, they have a kid's party downstairs
in the Freestyle club,

- Kid's party?
- Young adults, Now go,shower up,

Come on, One more,

- Last one,
- Real quick,

There we go,
That's the way to end it,

(& soft rock)(chatter and laughter)

Howdy, ma'am,

All right! How about that
for a couple of snowboarders?

- Yeah!
- Hey!

Who's gonnarock the house next?

(kids shouting)


(emcee) Ha-ha! Ho-ho!

(kids shouting)

I can't sing, No, you go,And you! Yeah, come on,

Look, I don't sing, I can't sing,
No, guys...

Get up there!

Hey, you know what? Someday you guys
might thank me for this,...
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