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It is raining. John and Mary are in a taxi. The taxi stops at the door of the hotel. The hotel porter takes the luggage into the lobby. He returns from the hotel with an umbrella andopens the taxi for Mary and John. Mary gets out of the taxi and follows the porter into the hotel. John pays the taxi driver.
John: how much do I owe you?
Taxi driver: twenty two dollars and fiftycents.
John: I only have a fifty. (He Give the driver a fifty dollar bill).
Taxi driver: Here is your change. Twenty seven dollar and fifty cents.
John: Thank you very much, this is for you. (Hegives the Taxi driver a tip of two dollar1).
Taxi driver: Thanks. Have a good day.
John: The same to you.

John leaves the taxi and goes into the hotel. Mary is waiting for her husband in the lobby.She is sitting in an armchair reading the newspaper. She looks tired. John goes to the front desk.

John: Good morning, my name is John Hill. I’m from Chicago. I have a reservation for a doubleroom.
Receptionist: Good morning, Mr. Hill.
You have a double room on the twelfth floor. You have a wonderful view of central park and you can also see the United Nations Building from the window.John: Does the room have a private bathroom?
Receptionist: Yes, Mr. Hill. All our rooms have private bathroom and televisions. They also have telephones.
The Receptionist rings a bell, and the bell-hoparrives. He takes the luggage to the elevator. They go up to the twelfth floor. The bell hop has the key to the room and he opens the door. John gives the bell hop a dollar.
Mary goes to the windowand looks out.

Mary: The receptionist is right, John.
You can see all of central park from the window.
John: Yes, Central park is very beautiful.
Mary: Where is the United Nations Building? Ican´t see it.
John: It´s behind the trees.
Mary: It is a big building, isn´t it?
John: Yes, but it´s also pretty far away.
Mary: I want to go for a walk in central park.
John: It´s still...
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