Historia y evolucion del futbol

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The history of football began in Classical Greece called "esfaira" because it towards the area of the bladder of the ox. Then the Romans took Britalia theball game, making it a national sport in the British Isles. The name soccer comes from "foot" and "ball", so, in Latino areas known as "foot ball" and British areas as "soccer". The football becamepopular in the islands and spread through the English workers. Scotland vs England in 1872 played the first football game for the FA Cup (competition oldest) founded by WC Alcock

Many peoplebefore the XIX century, had been playing a game similar to soccer, in its beginnings, it has been knowing as a violent practice that usually ended in pitched battles true, which generated therejection of many leaders who decided to ban it, the church also supports this decision.

The soccer began 1863 when England were separated in the ways of "rugby football” (rugby) and the" associationfootball "(soccer), founded the world's oldest association: the Football Association (Football Association of England), the first government body of the sport.

in 1863 it had been managed 13rules for soccer, but this were different from today, in these rules was forbidden touch the ball with his hands, but the rule 8 ( "fair catch") allowed to catch it with his hands when he came inhigh,generating a free throw, after this more rules had been added to the game.
Like the soccer had become in a famous sport, was necessary to found an association, was then in May of 1904 when theInternational Federation of Football Association (FIFA) had been founded and for the first time the globlal rules of the soccer had been established.

The Netherlands and Denmark have been competingsince 1889, being the first football associations, those who then joined New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and more countries. Then was bourn the famous word...
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