History downtown new york

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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Knowing the history of downtown changes the way I see it?
Yes, downtown was the beginning of the entire city we know. It was where the Dutch settlement and development started, where protests andparades took place, and where the actual city started to rise.
History opens for us a window to see how the world used to be. When I listen to stories about colonial time, even in New York where thereis not much left form this time, I feel like I can actually become a part of the story. The feeling of being in a time where the same place I can see today was completely different generates a senseof belonging in me.
Been aware of how a situation could have been in the past, gives the idea of actually become a part in that situation. Is like an old movie where you become one of the characters;and if I’m a character of a movie, that movie becomes something for me, developing the sense of belonging history often inspires.
I know this movie feeling is developed in many people, and makesthem change the way they see things. This is one of the main reasons why tourist hire tour guides. They want to see the place with different eyes, to get advantage of what they see and to know as much asthey can, so they can understand more things in the place than without a guide.
Listening about the story of New York makes me imagine in the city at that time. I can picture myself going to oneBroadway to buy a cruise ticket. I can picture how the room and space we see today could have been in the past, and picture changes that could had happened in the past and that remain up to the present;the explosion in Morgan’s house as an example.
This sense changes the way I see things. When becoming a part of something, I start feeling the need to know it better. I want to know more and moreabout that place, and eventually I end up having very useful information; that may someday protect me of the city itself. In this way feeling like a part of the city could brings benefits to the people...
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