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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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Chinese Calendar

The Chinese calendar was the first lunisolar calendar, they do the same like if it was a solar calendar but they do it withthe moon. It was not inclusive to China; it was also to other Asians countries. It is referred to the Chinese because they were the first thatinvented and perfected around 500BCE.

In most places of Asia they use the Gregorian calendar, but in some places of China they still use the lunisolarcalendar. For example in New Year, the Duan Wu festival and other holidays. Also, the calendar each month follows one cycle of the moon, and it isused to know the phases of the moon. The first evidence of a Chinese calendar was found on the oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty, which it seemsto show a lunisolar calendar with twelve months with a possible intercalary thirteenth, or maybe even fourteenth, added by the empirically toprevent calendar drift. One year usually had 12 months (like the calendar we actually use), which were alternately 29 and 30 days long (also the samedays of our actually calendar), and intercalary months were added by them in an arbitrary fashion at the end of the year. This was optional or bettersaid not all the years happen.

In conclusion I thinks this calendar was very useful for us actually and also in the past, and also I thing thiscalendar change all because our actual calendar is almost the same, we only change some things, then I think it was a discovery or a good invent.
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