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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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Astrid: Hello, I would like to know about special travels for my family.
Andrea: Sure! We have the best destination.
How is your dream vacation?
Astrid: I will like a funny andinteresting vacations
Andrea: well… we have travel to Brazil, to Disney world and Japan.
Astrid: I would like to know about Japan please, because is the most beautiful place than thethree, for me of course.
Kaori : That´s a good choice, the best time to travel to Japan Is in the spring. Specially in late March to early April.
Andrea: Yes we have a complete package, thatinclude accommodation, meals and entertainment.
Astrid: What kind of transport I’m going to travel to Japan?? Because I want comfort and not a large travel yes?
Andrea: OK the best form to travel toJapan is by airplane but you could take the train, and is very beautiful, is really scenic.
Astrid: Which form is more comfortable and not too bumpy??
Kaori: You should take the airplane because ismore comfortable than the train.
Astrid: That’s good, what kind of hotels are in Japan?
Andrea: How much can you spend?
Astrid: It isn´t a problem, just tell me the prices of the night in thehotels, because I will stay only one week and I want the best of Japan.
Andrea: Well… we have two hotels in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Nara and Kyoto, My sales assistant is going to tell you the prizesafter than I tell you more information, and after that you choose the hotels when you want to stay.
Astrid: OK, no problem, but… how about the transportation in Japan?
Andrea: mmm…, please let mecheck…, you should go with the “Japan Rail Pass” , is a modern and efficient transport system, it very comfortable and the transportation is pretty short.
Astrid Yes, somebody said me that, travel inthis train is really fast because the time when you go to other city is in 2 or 3 hours no more.
Andrea: OK, and the cost of the sightseeing is in the pack, well.. that’s old, please go to my...
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