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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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Laura Toral
May 13, 2011
Ana is a 17-year-old girl, attending high school, first in her class and with hopes of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She had a relationship with a boy for about ayear and a half. On the day of their anniversary, he took Ana to a romantic dinner in a hotel room. After the dinner, they were going to have sexual relations, which they previously talked about. Butwithout Ana knowing, her boyfriend didn’t wear the condom. After a month, Ana began getting morning sickness and her best friends advised her to get a pregnancy test. The test result said she waspregnant. She saw her whole world crumble before her. She had to leave school 6 months pregnant and do every work at home. She couldn’t graduate with her fellow classmates. The baby father broke up with herand doesn’t want to take care of the baby, he just pays child maintenance. With the care of the baby and everything, her grades dropped considerably and she’s no longer first in her class. Because ofthat, she lost her scholarship in the local university and her single mother doesn’t have enough money to take care of the new family member and pay her university. Ana is forced to take a job as awaitress during summer and because of her child, she has to continue working as a waitress. Ana is now a 30-year-old single mother working as a waitress at a local cafeteria and almost can’t provide forher 13-year-old child. This is the story of many teenagers who get pregnant and everything they had planned for in life falls apart.
Teen pregnancy is a social problem that affects the femaleteenager, the male teenager, and their respective parents thus affecting a lot of people in the society. Teen pregnancy not only brings serious health problems to the mother and the newborn, but also bringsa lot of stress and financial commitment to both families.
Teen pregnancy is considered a social problem because first of all it has a solution, which is to not have sex at all until both parents...
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