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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1. in a distant country, a raw winter day, while snow flakes dropped her near the window of his palace, the queen a beautiful embroidered handkerchief. Admiring the whiteness, she pricked her finger absently with the needle. Drops fell. Al see the red blood of her blood on the white snow, awoke in her a desire.
- Oh! ... cried my happiness would be great, ifyou had a child as white as snow!

Fairies heard the desire and pleased, delivering a girl as she had requested. The queen ordered to be called Snow White.

Mother's mother was happy, but at the terrible torments girl awaiting him, and one of them was the death of his mother.

The king mourned the loss of his wife, but to take a year, for the good of his
kingdom, choosing remarried to abeautiful princess from a nearby kingdom.

Snow White's stepmother was beautiful but jealous and arrogant, and hated anyone more beautiful than she was. To be sure she had a magic mirror and every day asked:

-Mirror, mirror ... cute Is anyone more beautiful than me?
And the mirror answered:
-oh my queen and lady! you're always the most beautiful.

With this response remainedsatisfecha.Pero Queen Snow White was growing and each day was more beautiful, and one day, when the queen asked the same question in the mirror, he replied:

-Oh, my queen and lady! You're already the most beautiful Snow White ... it is now much more.

On hearing this answer your anger was immense. Full of jealousy and envy hunter call a palace and said:

Tell me hunter, you will do as I command?'I would die majesty

-Then, take Snow White into the forest, kill and bring me his heart.

The man was very sad to fulfill that mission, but had
given his word to the queen. deceptions With the princess took to the woods, ready to fulfill the order reina .Al be with the girl in a lonely place, took out his huge knife and prepared to matarla .La girl, crying, I beg you not hiciera .Elhunter took pity on her and said:
3. I let you go, but never, never going to the palace to live your stepmother.

Grateful, White walked away from the hunter and internal middle of the trees. Weeping with fear was lost, was lost in the forest, while the hunter, to convince the queen, killed a fawn and ripped the heart to take him to the palace.

During the rest of the night and all thenext day, the princess was walking back and forth. Tired feet and smashed by stones and thorns, was found in front of a nice house. I knock on the door and no one answered. Thinking that I might not have one at home, I go. Surprised, he found a table and was served with dinner. It had felt saucers and seven cups filled with water. Also seven teaspoons, seven forks, and napkins, all this, was tiny,like everything in the house.

Snow White was very hungry and ate a little of each dish and sipped each glass. After satiate your appetite, toured the house and saw seven little beds. The testing was one after another and being tired, shrugging a little, in the last deeply asleep.

Late night arrived at the cottage owners: were the seven dwarfs the forest during the day working in a diamondmine.
4. Lighting their candles into the house. Suddenly, the largest of the seven cry:

- Someone's been sitting in my chair!

The others said:

- Someone ate my soup!

When they went to the bedroom, the smallest of the seven said:

'Somebody has been sitting in my bed!

When lighting candles with the room used as bedroom and see the bed where he slept Snow White, they weresurprised.

- That girl more beautiful! they all said.

At the sound of the voices, the princess awoke, and asked the most:

- What's your name, beautiful girl?

-White - responded and quieter.

- Why are you here? asked.

Snow White told them her disgrace and I plead:

-Let me stay to live in your house, here I will be free from cold and my stepmother Barrere and make them food....
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