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Age: 45-65 Golf player
Gender: Male
Education: People with a Degree or higher level
Socio-economics: High class will utilize more the property

Local market: 25%
Regional market: 30%
Domestic Market: 30%
International Market: 15%

* Media event
i. Press conference with the opening speech 150K
*Social networking
ii. Facebook Free
iii. Twitter Free
iv. Hi5 Free
* Television/Radio
v. Weather channel 200K
vi. Ellen broadcast 1,000K
* Print media
vii. Trade magazine (sports, golf, tourism, promotion destinations) 100M
viii. Newspaper, full page 1.5 M
* Billboards andbus wraps 250K
ix. In our principals markets and potentials customers
* Tour operator and travel agencies 50K
* Celebrity endorsement 25K
* Lobbying with the different publics 25K per year
* Advertising 100K
x. Duratrans
1. Airport baggage claim and malls in our principals marketsand potential customers
xi. National online advertising
Internal 50K
* Posters
* Banners
* Give-a-ways
* Themed food and beverage
Cost: $ 4.7 millions

Training Plan
For the training plan at the country club the orientation will be the same for everyone as it will provide a general view of the entire resortas well of the country club itself.
* Training Program for Cashier
I. Orientation
Through the orientation the employees will get to know first in a general way the locations that form the entire property and then more specifically be introduce to the c the services it offers, the property facilities, how it operates and the people working in it. Another essential point to be discussedduring orientation will be the look requirements for the different roles and also the policy of behavior. Another important point to talk about will be the steps to follow when there is an emergency case.
The orientation will be led for one of our property level trainers and will have a duration of eight hours all in the same day and would be carrying out through group sessions in order to havea better interaction between all of the assistants and for the collaborator to get to know better. Basic material such as booklets containing all the information about the resort and the country club will be given to each assistant and also different presentations will be shown that will compliment the information given.
As a final activity we thought that a good way to bring each othertogether in a more relaxing environment will be to organize an outdoor activity so it was decided to arrange a barbecue where everyone can enjoy, share experiences and opinions.
II. Lines of Business
There are different lines of business that can be identify at our country club, for matter of the training program it will be use only of them to serve as an example and these will be: food andbeverage
Training Program for bartender position
This will be lead by a Department level trainer in individual sessions to make it more personal and get to learn all the necessary skills that are required for this job. It will begin first with general information about the country club and also about the location itself in order to learn how the restaurant operates. It will be also teach informationabout guest service, the system used at the location and handling money. Apart from having practices for flair and preparing the basics drinks they will have some complimentary information about drinks recipes and worldwide known liquors. A special e-learning for food management will be shown to the collaborator. This training will be for 5 days and will be for 8 hours, it will be on the job...
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