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Director: Todd Philips

Year: 2009

Kind: Comedy

Important Actors: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha.

ImportantActresses: Heather Graham

Note: This movie doesn’t have awards yet.

Two days before his wedding, Doug and his 3 friends travel to Las Vegas for one nightthat they will never forget.

On the following morning, the 3 friends wake up and they can’t remember anything of last night, and Doug has disappeared.While more they look for Doug, they get into more problems. Finally they find Doug and take him to Los Angeles to the marriage.

I love this movie, because Ilove comedy too. In addition the actor are so funny and fantastic and the script too.

I recommend this movie to you, because you will never stop laughing.[pic]
The world goes with a course of self-destruction in any sense, that is to say, economic, social and ambientalemente. There isnecessary a change based on a change of mentality of the people, increasing and strengthening the sense of humility in the people in order that quite the human unitedbeings achieve this change that he(she) leads to the world towards the happiness and autorrealización of all. Because of it I believe that we themselves have to be thechange and to reflect it in the world that definitively is the one that gives us life, and for it there must be created campaigns of moral and ethical education towardsthe whole people, to provoke this fundamental change on which there depends the future and the life of this planet.

Doug has disappeared
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