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Chapter one
The frightening sound of a fire alarm pierced the night air. The fire fighters of firehouse 22 grabbed their boots, hats and coats. They jumped on the trucks as the doors opened.
Where is it? Shouted Ricardo Lopez above the roaring of a truck engine.
142 maple street, captain Donovan shouted back
The lights on the trucks flashed and the siren warned drivers to get out of the way.Cars pulled over to the sides of the streets and stopped.
The fire trucks drove around the corner into Main Avenue and west towards Maple. There was a dull red light against the night sky. A thin tower of flame rose above the trees.
It’s a big one, said Ricardo Lopez a drown on his face
Carmen and Juan Lopez were watching a late TV show when they heard the alarm. They looked at each other
Itsounds near, said Juan.
Its 22’s alarm exclaimed Carmen
Think mom hears it? Asked Juan
You know she does, he said. She listened carefully. The sirens are coming nearer
Let’s go said Juan
They got up and walked into the hall. Mom we’re going to the fire, Carmen call up the stairs
Al right, called Mrs. Lopez from the bedroom. They knew she wouldn’t go. And she would not sleep until it was overand she received a telephone call from her husband.
Carmen and Juan hurried the towards Maple street other people were coming out of their houses and looking at the red sky
I hope it’s not Mr. Ozmer’s store, said Juan I have some photos he’s developing
Carmen gave him an angry look. Is that the only reason you’re worried, because your pictures are there? What do you think will happen to him ifhis store burns down?
Oh, you kwon I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, said Juan
He’s great
Mr. Ozmer had moved into the neighborhood and opened his camera store only a few months before. He had been very kind to Carmen and Juan, who were just getting started in photography. He showed them how to get most out of their cameras, what film to use, and other things I like to see youngpeople taking up photography, he would say
The fire trucks pulled up in front of an old building waves of flames rolled out of the windows
We’re lucky said captain Donovan no one lives here it’s supposed to be torn down soon
Look yelled Ricardo Lopez, pointing up there’s someone up there
A man waved from the roof
Captain Donovan shook his head he must have been staying here without anyoneknowing. Too high to reach by ladder. Get the net
When the net was in place, Donovan yelled, jump! But the man shook his head and kept on waving
Looks like he`s afraid to jump said Ricardo Lopez I’ll go up and get him
The captain frowned you won’t get to second floor Ric.
Not by going in the front, said Mr. Lopez but the fire isn’t as bad at the back of the building.
Carmen and Juan arrived as theirfather was starring for the back of the burning building. They tried to hide behind the watching people, but Mr. Lopez saw them.
What are you doing here? He shouted, you should be home with your mother you know how she is when there’s a fire in the neighborhood
Juan opened his mouth to speak but his father put up his hand. I’ll talk to the two of you when I come down I don’t have any time nowthe fire became worse even though the water from the hoses poured into the building watch out yelled Donovan part of the front wall crashed Just missing three fire fighters
You all right? The captain shouted to the man on the roof when the smoke had cleared. Where is he? Anyone see him?
Guess he passed out said a fire fighter by his side
I hope Ric can get there it time he only has a fewminutes said Donovan

Chapter two
Juan and Carmen realized they had been wrong to come. They knew yery well how their mother felt about fires. Both her father and brother had been fire fighters they had been killed trying to get people out of a burning building
When she heard a fire alarm, Mrs. Lopez would start to shake. She couldn’t help it she always worried about her husband when he was on...
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