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Name: Anahí Guerrero C.
Grade: 1° Blue. Date: October 8, 2010
1) When was Abraham Lincoln Born? Where?
On February 12, 1809.On a farm in Kentucky.
2) What were some of the hardships Lincoln faced when he was young?
Sadness, disappointment. His siblings died very young, andhis mother too, when he was just nine years old. Also, three of his sons died young; he faced dead through his family.
• How is Lincoln’s early lifelike your own?
We both love to read, we both had faced dead through our family.
• How is Lincoln’s life different from yours?
My family is notpoor, mi parents received education, I am having education, a good one, I was born in a hospital and not in a farm, I’m not an American citizen and Ihaven’t become a lawyer and a politician.


They were a lot of abolitionist that wanted freedom during wars.
Theexpansion of slavery was something people didn’t wanted.
Every human has its own hardships, but presented in many different ways.
I hadexperienced many losses in my life, and even though they made me sad, I know they make me stronger.
At first, I refused to say “yes”, but then Irealized it was something I had to do.
Took a stand
I took a stand for justice; I don’t like people that take advantage of the other people who can’tdefend themselves.
Our teachers want to give unity to every student in the classroom, but some of them don’t want to be part of the group.
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