Holistic medicine

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Means "science of life", and is possibly the oldest medical system used by man, born in India about 1,000 year ac. Since those ancient times there have been many Ayurvedic medical treatises putting forward that the body is composed of cells and some diseases may be caused by germs, it also describes some surgical techniques such as suturing or caesarean section. So now we know thatGreek medicine, considered the mother of Western medicine was based on medical knowledge imported from India.
But Ayurveda does not treat the disease itself, also requires participation from the patient. Ayurveda requires from us to work with our body and mind. Followers’ guidelines for lifestyle include, diet, relationships, meditation and even astrological influences. People that practice thediscipline of Ayurveda are able to maintain good physical and mental health.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means "life science" and although primarily teaches how to achieve health, it is a philosophical method. According to ayurvedic philosophy, there are five elements: ether, air, fire, water and land.
Each element corresponds to one direction and with a certain body functions:
• Ether corresponds tothe ear and the body cavities.
• Air corresponds to the touch and muscle movement.
• Fire with his eyes, metabolism, digestive system and thought.
• Water with taste and circulatory system.
• The land with the nose, bones, teeth and skin.
But these elements never act separately, if combined together. Each of these combinations, which are a total of three, are called "doshas.” The doshas arevital forces in living things and the way how they exist and are as follows: vata, combination of air and ether, pitta, a combination of fire and water, and kapha, combination of water and land.

Each individual is composed of different proportions of the three doshas, although there is always one that predominates over the other two and this is what will determine the type of peoplewe are (physiologically and in our personality). According to the Ayurvedic philosophy the influence of the doshas still goes beyond because they also define our greater propensity to suffer from certain diseases.

The most important principle of Ayurveda for the treatment of diseases and their cure is to balance the three doshas. So, if a person suffering from certain disease goesto an Ayurvedic specialist, at the first meeting the practitioner will proceed to the diagnosis and examination. The Ayurvedic physician will examine our skin, eyes, tongue, three pulses to reveal imbalances in the three doshas and also will gather information about general health status and family history, lifestyle and their astrological influence.
For treatment, the specialist will advise uson our diet and the changes that have to do on our lifestyle. It is also possible that the ayurvedic physician will prescribe herbal remedies, and to use additional healing therapies such as massage, aromatherapy, exercise or meditation.

Finally, as a conclusion I could say (and learned) that Ayurveda is not only a therapy, it is much more than that ; it is a lifestyle. I willalways remember that.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji quan) is a martial art with therapeutic applications. In order to understand the work that is done, Tai chi practitioners use the concepts of Chi (Qi), Yin and Yang, Wu Xing or Five Elements theory, Pa Kua or Eight Trigrams, and also concepts of traditional Chinese Physiology. Away from the mysticism, the concepts mentioned are the basis forthe Philosophy of the Chinese nature, which was born in a “scientific" attempt to explain natural phenomena from real facts that were objective.

The multiple benefits of Tai Chi are directed by the practitioners depending on their desire and needs. The energy that moves us is moved through some invisible channels called meridians; which are, internal pathways connected to vital organs....
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