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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Earthquake of 4.4 Richter scale in Spain

Around 7 pm, in the Iberian Peninsula, the city of Lorca suffered two earthquakes that caused the collapse of theold town. It was feared that the tragedy was repeated in Rome, following the predictions of Raffaele Bendandi astronomer who predicted an earthquake for thatday.

At 5.05 pm (5.11 in Chile) was an advertisement, a 4.4 degree earthquake struck the north of Lorca. And later at 6:47 pm (12.47 in chile) did thestrongest tremor of 5.2 Richter, causing so much damage.

The fall of the Belfry, the Church of San Diego live was a great loss, since it is a historical monument.Victor Villalobos, an architect, says' In countries where no quakes, the protocol does not adapt the spindle construction of iron and concrete. "This givesthe explanation of why there was great material destruction.

Actually, this earthquake was predicted for Rome, but eventually the prophecy BendandiRaffaele was not met.

There are an estimated approximately 10 deaths and a total of 270 wounded. Most of the dead was by cornices that broke off and start with thesecond earthquake.

The leader of the geologists said that the released energy equivalent to 200 tons of TNT, but no buildings had collapsed.
Why was somuch damage? This is because in Europe are often seismic activity, as it is in America. Its buildings are very fragile and there is little concern. Besides theearthquake occurred at surface level, thus causing more damage.
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