Homeless children

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Edwin Santillán Ramírez
English AII- 6
Tamara Malenovic
6 September 2010

The kids without a future

These children are a very serious problem not only in Mexico, but allaround the world. Every day in every place are dying a lot of this kids without a home, that are living in the streets without a family, that do not have something eat, that do not have a place to go.Commonly the children escape form their original home because, in almost every case, the parents abuse sexually of their children or have violent abuse with them. For these children it is safer for theyto live on the streets than live at home, they are also abandoned by their families. In the streets they only found bad things, prostitution, gangs, offenders, drugs, etc. According to Jan van derPloeg “drug addiction is the second serious problem behaviour frequently found among homeless youth”(25) There are associations that help them but sometimes this children resist to being helped, so thisis why is difficult sometimes to help them.

There are associations in the world trying to help them by creating programs, so the homeless children trust them more. These associations make thechildren develop their skills in many works like bakery or carpentry and the economy of the community increases by selling these products. These associations also bring the children education but alsolove and care that they need. Some non-government organizations contribute with these associations with the medical, educational and personal support. Unfortunately many times, the homeless childrendo not want help from nobody, because they think that they can survive in the streets, sometimes they are involved with gangs and think that they are better there because they have more freedom andcan do whatever they want to do, they do not have any education, they rob, they steal to others. They live of robbery, as they learn in the gangs to survey “more than half the juviniles said they were...
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