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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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The homicide

The homicide is an act that has been done for many years, this fact is shown even in famous paintings, giving to a cultural significance, this act is that one or more persons killanother person for any cause, the cause may be familial, economic, can be for a girl or "business." etymologically comes from the Latin "homicidium" which means "to kill a fellow." The homicide has fivegeneral classifications:
-intentional homicide
-unintentional homicide
-simple homicide
-qualified homicide
-felony homicide
From my point of view the murder is the worst act that threatenslife and I believe that if we delete it from our lives we could live in a much easier.

-The religion and homicide
the catholic religion and many other religions in the world think or suggest thatthe homicide does not run only against the life of one or more people, these religions say that this act offends the power of God, because religion is proposed that the only being who can decide onthe life of any person is God and when a person kills someone, the murderer is as if to say that God is nothing and he or she can do anything in people's lives and that means that God has no rot in theworld, but for many centuries the Church has practiced a kind of murder in order to prevail over all things including science, something for which she criticized religion and why Pope John Paul IIasked forgiveness.

-The victim’s family
sometimes when someone dies the family of this person usually enters into a short and sometimes insignificant case of depression, but in some cases there arepeople who come into a serious case of depression, this depression can lead a person to commit suicide this happens in rare cases when the death of the family is natural’s causes. this positive proofthat when a person dies in a homicide or a suicide, the reaction of the relatives of the victim is more drastic as psychological behavior makes it more difficult to control, Due to this some...