Homophones pray & prey

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February the 10th, 2011
Level IV, Section “A”
Carmen Esperanza Lo Grande Herde


Homophones are words of the same languagethat are pronounced alike even if they differ in spelling, meaning, or origin. Homophones may also be spelled alike.

1 PREY – Noun & Verb (Used without object)

Synonyms: target, martyr,victim.

1. An animal hunted or seized for food, by a carnivorous animal.
2. A person or thing that is the victim of an enemy, a swindler, a disease, etc.
3. The action or habit of preying: abeast of prey.
4. To capture and devour prey, as an animal does (usually followed by on or upon) Ex: Foxes prey on rabbits.
5. To make raids or attacks for booty(botín) or plunder(saqueo)Ex: The Vikings preyed on coastal settlements.
6. To exert (ejercer) a harmful or destructive influence:
Ex: His worries preyed upon his mind.
7. Cause constant distress to: Theproblem had begun to prey on my mind

2 PRAY – Verb (Used with object)

Synonyms:  importune, entreat, supplicate, beg, beseech, implore.
1. To offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc., to (Godor an object of worship).
2. To make earnest petition to (a person). She prayed his forgiveness.
3. Wish or hope strongly for a particular situation.


• I pray beforebedtime that my dreams can come true.

• We prayed to God for the sick child.

• She prayed to be allowed to go.

|I before bedtime that my dreams can come true.|
|The little rat was an easy for the snake. |
|We to God for the sick child. |
|She to be allowedto go. |
|Foxes on rabbits. |

|I before bedtime that my dreams can come true. |...
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