Homosexual relationships

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Homosexual Relationships
When we think about relationships we see men and women holding hands, but what about when we see a couple of two men and women? The people do not see how much they love eachother, instead of that most of them think that it is something repulsive or even disgusting, and some others do not understand how they feel with this topic. Do you think that is ethical orunethical? Homosexual relationships can be accepted if they do not affect other people. What would the philosophers Kant, Mill and Aristotle say?
Some would argue that homosexual relationships are wrongbecause it is not something natural between humans, and that they might bring a lot of bad consequences among the people like: disagreement, discrimination, lack of respect and in the kid’s place confusionof, if it is right or wrong what they do. The philosopher Immanuel Kant would disagree with this type of relationships because he affirms that “You must never act in a way that contradicts a maxim”,in this case they are not acting according to the roles that the society gives them. Our point of view is that this theory is very absolutist, because you should do what you feel, not what otherpeople do or think.
We should respect homosexual relationships, because they are humans and they have feelings, so they deserve to be treated as equal, Mill would say “you are acting morally if theconsequences of your action bring happiness to the greatest number of people” if we respect them we would live in peace and harmony with everyone. Thinking about the homosexual people, how would their lifehave been, if they hadn’t met each other and have the opportunity to show it?, surely they would have felt sadness, frustration, unhappiness, hopelessness, etc. for all of their life. Mill suggeststhat the consequences of an action should be evaluated according to the benefits that it brings. In this case it is right to follow a philosophy that encourages people to believe that the end...
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