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It was in a rainy day, a girl with her friends where in Orlando International Airport. They were five; all of them were eighteen and were going back to Puerto Rico after a few weeks inMiami. The sadness in their faces was transforming into excitement once they boarded the plane. They all seated together except for Alondra, who is seated next to an old men dressed with a yellow“guayabera” and brown pants. She dint wanted to sit with him but she don’t have any choice, so before the plane take off she tried to change seat with Luis and Valeria but none of them accepted. “Don’t bemad, now you have a lot of stories to hear all the way home” said José smiling. “You are really stupid, don’t bother the old men” said Maria. The plane was about to take off, so she seated and startlistening music in the iPod until she fall asleep.
She woke up because there was lot of turbulence due to bad weather. Then she saw the old man face, he was scared and she asked if he was okay. “I’mgood, and will be better once this plane stop shaking” he said, and later falls asleep. “Omg!!!!! Alondra there is free wiffi!!!!! Now I can finally enter to Facebook” said Luis almost crying of joy,meanwhile everybody is laughing. “What’s Facebook?”Asked the old men. “Is a social network were you can interact with friends, family and people around the world and share photos and videos, isreally fun.” said Alondra.
“Baaahhhh, technology, there’s always something new, in my times it was more fun visit the people and go to the parties where there always have: “arroz con gandules y lechónasao” with a glass of “maví”. Said the men. They started a conversation, and he told his name is Pedro and he had been in jail for 6 years and it was time to go home. “Please don’t ask what I did, Ihave paid the price of my crime and that’s it, is all you need to know.”

After that both remained in silence for a while. She really wanted to know why he was in jail, but decided to don’t ask...
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