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1. You'll not miss out on the opportunity to meet someone you'll be attracted to. 2. You'll have a flair for public relations and direct confrontations. 3. You'll be able to solve a delicate matter.4. You'll have thousands of ideas but at the end you'll do very little about them. 5. You'll get some praise for the ease with which you'll handle your duties and you'll feel satisfied.

1. You'llbe able to find the right words to express your feelings. 2. you'll sense a slight recovery and you'll feel more positive. 3. You'll be something of a chameleon and blend into any group with almost noeffort. You have a gift for reading people. 4. You'll react confidently to an unforeseen event. 5. You'll try to attract the attention of those around you.

1. You'll have some very importantplans and will make sure you meet all deadlines. 2. You'll have to be careful not to make any false steps. 3. You'll have to pay attention to your partner's needs. 4. You'll feel the need to renew yourlife and to make some changes. 5. You'll want to look for new alternatives to time consuming procedures around you.

1. You'll be very creative and you'll be able to win over some new acquaintances.2. You'll be on the same wavelength as your partner. 3. You'll be praised and could be put forward for a job which suits your professional capacities. 4. You'll have the possibility to improve yoursocial life and win the respect of a new friend. 5. You'll earn personal success thanks to your honesty.

1. You'll be able to sense certain confusion and will not know how to react; the Stars adviseyou to set yourself a goal. 2. You'll feel strong attraction towards a new acquaintance. 3. You'll be able to get and enjoy revenge. 4. You'll feel in great shape and full of enthusiasm. 5. You'llhave the possibility to make your relationship stronger.

1. You'll have to watch out for a treacherous friend, who is trying to attack you. 2. You'll want a direct confrontation and will not...
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